Top Blokes, Totally out of Character: When five white men beat an Aboriginal man to death

These are the facts, as they were agreed to by the perpetrators. After a long night of drinking, Scott Doody, Timothy Hird, Joshua Spears, Anton Kloeden, and Glen Swain left a casino at 6am in the morning of 25 July 2009. They ranged in age from 18-23. Most of them were drunk, but Kloeden, the … Continue reading

Not important but

Am I the only person amazed National Times gave a blog to this guy?

Norman Finkelstein: This Time We Went Too Far – A Review

The first book I ever read by Finkelstein was Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict []. I read it as a first year university student, having been raised on every Zionist myth Finkelstein debunked in the book (except my right-wing Zionist Jewish school hadn’t taught us about Benny Morris’s work, which was more cautiously … Continue reading

Zeev Sternhell v Gabriel Piterberg

New Left Review has Zeev Sternhell reviewing Piterberg’s new book, Returns of Zionism. I’ll admit, I had to choose between that and Arno Mayer’s study, and due to a lack of reviews at the time, went for Piterberg. I found the book utterly dreadful and unreadable, and do not recommend it to anyone, regardless of … Continue reading

A Brief Guide to Australian Politics

Labor had a big lead in the polls, and Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t seem to do anything right. The liberals couldn’t be trusted on economic issues, as a) Rudd seemed to have done well with the economic crisis and b) Howard had introduced Workchoices. The public wanted action on climate change, and Malcolm couldn’t drag along … Continue reading

Hamas idiots

This vulgar propaganda shows how idiotic Hamas is. Bombastic demagogy not to the point of Arafat, but bad enough. The ridiculous thing is, he fails to realise how this propaganda will play in the West, assuming it can work just as it would work in the Arab world. And I think it should be stressed … Continue reading

Jewish News April 16

In today’s AJN, page 11 headline: “Israeli diplomat compares Iran to Nazi Germany”. This was Eli Yerushalmi, deputy chief of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Canberra.  Addressing Moriah kids on Yom Hashoah.  I’m sure ADC, Michael Danby, Phil Mendes et al are about to condemn this anti-Semitism – because Nazi comparisons are supposedly anti-Semitic, … Continue reading

Hamas adopts Israeli occupation methods in repressing Palestinians

This story is outrageous. Hamas is forcing Gazans to close tunnels to Egypt. This is criminal. There would probably be mass starvation in Gaza if it weren’t for the tunnels. The tunnels may be used for weapons – they are certainly used for basic supplies for residents of Gaza, who would otherwise be subject to … Continue reading

The state of the allegedly more serious tv journalism

ABC pleads and pleads for an interview with Obama, and then gloats. I imagine they’ve gotten it by stressing how soft and gentle the interview will be. This is journalism? We’re supposed to be impressed with the ABC for begging for an interview with the leader of a country?

Haaretz editorial again

It’s okay, not fantastic. But in Israel, they criticise this Holocaust comparison, and rationally. In Australia, Tel Aviv lobbies instead first inquire into the politics of those making the Holocaust comparison, and if their politics are regarded as “anti-Israel”, the comparer is deemed anti-Semitic.