Paul McGeough

I had – and have – reservations about elements of his reporting. Yet this is pretty good, especially considering it’s the smh.

Canvassing Israeli rejection of Palestinian statehood, the former British foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind wrote recently: ”Israel is left with two options – the first is that the West Bank, with or without Gaza, becomes a part of Israel with equal rights for its citizens … the alternative would be a nominal autonomy for the Palestinians with the Israelis retaining real control, [which] would be compared by many of Israel’s opponents with the Bantustans created by the South African government in the bad old days.”

Rifkind’s theme is taken up by others. Arguing that Israel had ”locked in the irreversibility of its colonial project”, Henry Siegman, formerly national director of the American Jewish Congress, writes: ”As a result … Israel has crossed the threshold from ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ to the only apartheid regime in the Western world.”

In the rest of the article, what McGeough in my view osbcures or doesn’t understand is that the US with Israel is blocking a two state agreement, and has done so virtually unilaterally for almost 35 years.


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