Jewish News April 16

In today’s AJN, page 11 headline: “Israeli diplomat compares Iran to Nazi Germany”. This was Eli Yerushalmi, deputy chief of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Canberra.  Addressing Moriah kids on Yom Hashoah.  I’m sure ADC, Michael Danby, Phil Mendes et al are about to condemn this anti-Semitism – because Nazi comparisons are supposedly anti-Semitic, right?

The editorial is appalling. Incidentally, I enjoyed Joseph Massad’s article on Fayyad. Anyway, the editorial says

One US official told The Washington Post that the plan would involve maps that will be “90 per cent” similar to previous proposals, such as the 2000 Camp David peace plan. That should set off alarm bells for most mainstream supporters of Israel, who believe in the consensus positions held by Labour, Likud and Kadima. Each of these parties, to varying degrees, now envisions an evntual secure peace agreement allowing for the creation of a Palestinian state, the retention of a varying number of West Bank settlements in exchange for a land swap with Israeli lands, and some sort of modifications to the 1967 borders in light of security concerns. All three parties support continued Israeli control of Jewish neighbourhoods throughout Jersualem.

Remember too, that at Camp David, then-prime minister Ehud Barak offered the Palestinian Authority an eventual 91 per cent of the West Bank and all of the Gaza Strip, with Palestinian control over East Jerusalem as the capital of the new Palestinian state. So when US officials talk about maps in a new proposal that are 90 per cent similar to Barak’s plan, are they hinting a rollback to firm 1967 borders and a physically divided Jerusalem? It’s certainly possible, and that is disturbing, given that such a plan would presumably be imposed upon Israel without its consultation .

… It’s clear that the best interests of peace would be served by returning to the principled that have guided the parties to the negotiating table often in the past, and for the US to announce that it will not introduce its own plan, but instead urge direct peace talks now, with no preconditions.

In favour of teaching the Holocaust to kids, Vic Alhadeff writes “Teaching the Holocaust generates understanding of where racism and racial hatred can ultimately lead. It explores the notion of the bystander. It underscores the imperative of speaking out in the face of prejudice. How can that not benefit humanity and the Jews?” It is hard to mock someone with so little self-awareness.


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