A Brief Guide to Australian Politics

Labor had a big lead in the polls, and Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t seem to do anything right. The liberals couldn’t be trusted on economic issues, as a) Rudd seemed to have done well with the economic crisis and b) Howard had introduced Workchoices.

The public wanted action on climate change, and Malcolm couldn’t drag along the Libs for even the figleaf of action.

However, Malcolm’s only successful dig at Labor was over asylum seekers. Turns out, the easiest way for the superrich to unite with the poor is against the foreign. Abbot has found this too. Labor is a party which has no principles and doesn’t stand for anything, so they’re happy to sell out refugees to maintain power. So their minor reforms have already been thrown overboard to make Labor a smaller target.

It is hard to follow quite what drives Aboriginal policy in Australia. My suspicion is that Rudd simply doesn’t care, and leaves it to others, who are as racist as Howard’s government was.


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