The Flotilla to Gaza attacked

I don’t have enough time to comment at length on the attack on the flotilla. It’s appalling and disgusting – but it also shows how brazen Israel is becoming in its flagrant contempt for the rest of the world. Israel used to shoot and cry, and bother with its cynical hasbara campaigns. Now, Israel just … Continue reading

Some of my critics; the expulsion of the Israeli diplomat; other stuff

Some critics of my ABC article My article on the killing in Alice Springs and the judge who let them off was posted on the ABC website. It gathered over 250 comments. Some of them are supportive. Some of them are shocked. And some of them think I got everything wrong, know nothing and misrepresented … Continue reading

The Herald Sun

Alan Howe writes for the Herald Sun. Unlike Catherine Deveny, who was fired for her tweets about Bindi Irwin, Howe is not controversial. No major public figures that I’m aware of have ever called for him to be fired. Today he continues on his merry way, describing the righteousness of World War 2: We did … Continue reading

Jewish News, Chomsky vs Israel

I haven’t had so much time to write in the blog. I didn’t respond at length to Mendes et al, but I’ll just write again that anyone interested should compare my article to what they claim I wrote in it. The AJN then wrote a story on the controversy, almost certainly based exclusively on Mendes’ … Continue reading

Reply to my critics who wrote to Overland

I wrote the following comment, in response to a controversy over at Overland over my essay worth checking out I think the attempt by Mendes et al to prevent publication of esssays similar to mine in future is remarkable, but by no means surprising. Anyone who read my essay could have seen it coming, and … Continue reading