Obama and the Saudi King

Could you be more revolted (or unsurprised)? Remarks by President Obama and His Majesty King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Before Meeting I always value His Majesty’s wisdom and insights, and we have had a very productive session speaking about a whole range of issues that relate to both relations between our two countries but also … Continue reading


This is really contemptible. Hamas released a propaganda video about their capture of the Israeli soldier, noting its date. I cannot believe they would celebrate this. They haven’t actually achieved anything for Palestinians yet – this is just a celebration of militarism. As far as propaganda goes, this is a gift for Israel’s right.

Palestine in Australia: some notes; Gaza; Jeremy Jones

AJDS: Larry Stillman writes about Gilad Shalit at the AJDS website. He calls for the release of Shalit – but also of Palestinian prisoners. I think this is a good position, and he often does take very decent positions on the Israel Palestine conflict. With that said, I take some exception to him saying “even … Continue reading

Julia Gillard: I am not enthusiastic

1) On Indigenous issues: “I would also like to make special mention of Jenny Macklin. Some aspects of our portfolios are very centrally locked together. We work together very solidly on the government’s social policy agenda and social inclusion agenda. She is a great thinker—one of the greatest thinkers in this country on social policy … Continue reading

Israeli racism: like breathing

I don’t have time for my blog, but I had to comment on this. This is in the liberal Ha’aretz. Read the headline to this story. Inquiry panel: State turned Gaza evacuees into refugees in their homeland They’re talking about the Jewish settlers in Gaza. Beyond satire.

Israeli commandos defending themselves

Rudd sells out Palestine already; ABC; Testimony; Avnery

RUDD SELLS OUT THE GAZANS Michael Danby is on the prowl. Firstly, let me focus on the Australian Government’s policy I hope it is clear that Australia is supporting an independent Israeli inquiry into the flotilla fracas. Australia does not support another UN Goldstone ambush. The Foreign Minister and Prime Minister’s words condemned all violence … Continue reading

This changes things, or Israeli self defence: Shooting 9 people thirty times, five of them in the head

From Haaretz. The Turkish autopsies are in Nine Turkish activists killed in an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship were shot a total of 30 times and five died of gunshot wounds to the head, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on Friday. Autopsy results showed the men were hit mostly with 9mm bullets, many fired … Continue reading

Alice Springs racism; Flotilla; SMH editorial

In the Northern Territory As if to show how bad Alice Springs could be, after the 5 white men beat an Aboriginal man to death, only to have their character applauded by a judge, who went on to resign because of the terrible crimes he’d seen Aboriginal men do (no white men had shocked him), … Continue reading

A comment on the method to the madness; Derfner

A Comment on Israeli tactics. Norman Finkelstein (among others) has been taking up the issue of Israel choosing to send commandos onto the flotilla. There were other options available, why that one? Indeed, Israeli hawks have also criticised the decision. So how would any other navy enforce a naval blockade? First, a clear warning in … Continue reading