Rudd sells out Palestine already; ABC; Testimony; Avnery


Michael Danby is on the prowl.

Firstly, let me focus on the Australian Government’s policy

I hope it is clear that Australia is supporting an independent Israeli inquiry into the flotilla fracas. Australia does not support another UN Goldstone ambush. The Foreign Minister and Prime Minister’s words condemned all violence and these two policies are appreciated by the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in his phone conversation with Kevin Rudd on Wednesday. Australia’s policies are considered more friendly than other Governments by the Israelis.

Furthermore, Australia supports humanitarian assistance to Gaza but has not called for the end of a military blockade preventing shipments of Iranian or other armaments ( ala the Karine A incident see attachment 1, also see attachment 2 on the Francop shipment stopped in the Mediterranean )

Firstly, condemning all violence still means that Israeli violence is condemned. Danby says Australia opposes the military blockade. What this means in practice is to be determined. Yet the hansard is troubling.

Furthermore, I reiterated that the Australian government’s position was that more needs to be done to ensure a reasonable continuing supply of humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza. Australia recognises the unique security challenges that the government of Israel faces from the government of Iran, the state of Iran, and the terrorist organisations which the Iranians support. Australia remains sensitive to the security concerns of Israel. Australia is nonetheless deeply concerned by the loss of life in this most recent military action off Gaza. [Emphasis added]

Note this drastic change. More needs to be done can mean very slightly more. A “reasonable” continuing supply could mean something the Israeli government considers reasonable. Remember what Rudd said a few days ago.

KEVIN RUDD: When it comes to a blockade against Gaza preventing the supply of humanitarian aid, such a blockade should be removed. We believe that the people of Gaza, leaving aside the whole questions of the longstanding dispute and a longstanding war, the people of Gaza should be provided with humanitarian assistance. [emphasis added]

Besides his comments revealing his lack of interest in the issue and poor briefing, note that he simply opposed the blockade a few days ago. He sold out the Palestinians within 3 days. Meanwhile, the usual suspects are complaining about McGeough. Going on the flotilla was very brave and honourable.

Oh, and this video from ABC of an interview of an unusually incompetent Israeli spokesperson had Danby angry.

More testimony from the Mavi Marmara.

Uri Avnery

This is probably the best comment yet.

It is impossible not to be reminded of the classic Jewish joke about the Jewish mother in Russia taking leave of her son, who has been called up to serve the Czar in the war against Turkey. “Don’t overexert yourself’” she implores him, “Kill a Turk and rest. Kill another Turk and rest again…”

“But mother,” the son interrupts, “What if the Turk kills me?”

“You?” exclaims the mother, “But why? What have you done to him?”


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