Julia Gillard: I am not enthusiastic

1) On Indigenous issues:

“I would also like to make special mention of Jenny
Macklin. Some aspects of our portfolios are very centrally
locked together. We work together very solidly
on the government’s social policy agenda and social
inclusion agenda. She is a great thinker—one of the
greatest thinkers in this country on social policy questions—
and a great leader of national reform agenda

2) On Palestine, just read this headline in the Daily Telegraph

Julia Gillard refuses to condemn Israeli attacks

That’s about all you need to know. Others have commented on her trip to Israel. Jake Lynch made the best point:

A study of the transcripts of Ms Gillard’s speeches and interviews, from her recent trip to Israel and Ramallah, reveals that the word “Gaza” did not once pass her lips. Challenged by a reporter to say whether she believed Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians was “fair and just”, she avoided the question and retreated into platitudes: “We are concerned about the humanitarian situation of the Palestinian people”.

There’s a lot of other stuff to comment on. Have been very very busy. Older developments to be dealt with later.


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