Honduras Coup

A good blog at the LRB blogsite by John Perry about what’s been happening since the coup in Honduras. It notes the continuing repression, and more recent evidence of US connivance in the original coup.

Israel destroys a Bedouin village

This is a terrible story. Israeli soldiers destroyed an entire Bedouin village in the Negev (ie, within Green Line Israel). That’s 200 to 300 people made homeless. And busloads of Jewish Israelis came to cheer the destruction. (according to Mondoweiss, dozens of leftists also came to resist non-violently the destruction, and were beaten for their … Continue reading

Jewish News July 23 2010 – Dvir Abramovich comes out against a two state solution

Dvir Abramovich – you know, the guy who writes every few weeks about why jokes about the Holocaust should be banned – writes an article called “Facing up to the two-state ticking time bomb”. In it, he argues against a two-state solution. “The big question is whether this model can actually work.” After all, “A … Continue reading

Homeless, Cuba and Levy’s article, pretending to be a human being

This will not be an election issue, unless Gillard or Abbott find some way to kick them further. HOMELESS families seeking accommodation are being turned away from shelters because of a shortage of beds, according to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. As many as 80 per cent of new applications … Continue reading

Australians for Palestine

In a blog on AJDS, Larry Stillman complains that an unnamed local pro-Palestinian group hosted the writings of Gilad Atzmon. He writes, for example, his stuff is essentialist quackery that plays up to all sorts of sterotype about Jewish conspiracies. His bad history and stereotyping confuse what various power elites do with ALL Jews–it’s guilt … Continue reading


Andrew Cockburn writes about a new book (which looks very important) on the sanctions on Iraq between the First and Second (or second and third if you count the Iran Iraq War from the 80s) imposed by the US, with the usual Western complicity.

Bibi on film: destroying Oslo

This is all kind of obvious, but it’s a little surprising to have it so plainly confirmed. And also, that this probably will not be considered a big deal outside of the left. From a video played on Israeli tv in Hebrew, transcript on Richard Silverstein’s blog, commented on by Gideon Levy. This is Binyamin … Continue reading

Palestine; West Papua

Nothing will happen to the soldier who shot a bound and blindfolded Palestinian. It doesn’t matter it was on camera. Protest in West Papua: keep an eye on this.

My article – UNSW Strike

I should mention here that I wrote this. Available at the ABC website. It’s about the striking staff at UNSW (and in praise of them)

Loewenstein causes controversy

Relevant links can be found at a blog by AJDS’ Larry Stillman. Loewenstein posted an image – something like, exhorting Julia Gillard to stand firm with Israel against Islam and terrorism. I thought it was pretty unimpressive – I didn’t notice there was a little SS on the soldiers. Essentially, calling Israeli soldiers Nazis. Obviously, … Continue reading