Loewenstein causes controversy

Relevant links can be found at a blog by AJDS’ Larry Stillman. Loewenstein posted an image – something like, exhorting Julia Gillard to stand firm with Israel against Islam and terrorism. I thought it was pretty unimpressive – I didn’t notice there was a little SS on the soldiers. Essentially, calling Israeli soldiers Nazis.

Obviously, Nazi comparisons are inflammatory. I’m unsophisticated enough to have not noticed this when I first saw the image. But is Loewenstein really a suspected anti-Semite for posting it? I mean, I think it’s really suspect that when leftists make Nazi comparisons, its deemed automatic anti-Semitism, but when supporters of the Israeli government make these comparisons, they’re considered unobjectionable. If you look through my blog, for example, you’ll find Mendes comparing the Arab world to Nazis (in an urge not to appease Arab anger). You’ll see Andrew Bolt and Israeli diplomats etc comparing Iran to the Nazis. You’ll see AIJAC comparing me to the Nazis. Why is this never considered anti-Semitic?


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