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In a blog on AJDS, Larry Stillman complains that an unnamed local pro-Palestinian group hosted the writings of Gilad Atzmon. He writes, for example,

his stuff is essentialist quackery that plays up to all sorts of sterotype about Jewish conspiracies. His bad history and stereotyping confuse what various power elites do with ALL Jews–it’s guilt by association, based on a conspiracy theory that has an ingnominious history in Europe and which now, unfotunately, plays out in the Arab world.His scribblings should be shunned. Many on the left are stay well clear of him, the most recent being the US Trots associated with Socialist Worker. More details about his crankiness can be found by looking what Tony Greenstein has had to say about him, and there has been a lot of discussion on other sites on the past day or two about his crazy affliations with supporters of the British National Party.

As another example, in another article on his website, he has this wonderful statement “American Jewry makes any debate on whether the ‘Protocols of the elder of Zion’ are an authentic document or rather a forgery irrelevant. American Jews (in fact Zionists) do control the world.”

One can go on. Atzmon supports Holocaust denial. He says loopy things about Jews. The group which Stillman is complaining about – and I will say, this is the last time I will link to them – is Australians for Palestine. It is shameful Australians for Palestine would support this man, and they have had the opportunity to enlighten themselves about it.

I also note that they have Dissident Voice as a link on their website. I assumed Dissident Voice was a general purpose left-wing website. It is not. I wrote the following email to them in 2009.

I will no longer read your paper‏
From: Michael Brull (
Sent: Sunday, 22 February 2009 1:41:07 PM
Dear Dissident Voice,

I read the article you printed at

Now, I support freedom of speech for Holocaust deniers, and I am also demonstrably critical of Zionism and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians (for example,

However, I have read your online paper, because I thought it was left wing. The article you printed, is not in support of the rights of Holocaust deniers, but in support of Holocaust deniers, and how “courageous” they are. There is not even a pro-forma “the holocaust actually did happen”, or “Jews, quite reasonably, find Holocaust denial offensive.” Indeed, the Holocaust deniers are no more than “right-leaning”. These “Heretical Two”, we basically understand from the article, bravely challenge prejudices, used solely to justify Zionism’s crimes towards the Palestinians (Might the holocaust also have happened? Green doesn’t mention anything like that.)

Indeed, a brief internet search shows that his book includes contributions by Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shamir – dubious figures, but unsurprising colleagues of his.

Indeed, looking at the Amazon website, we find another contributor mentions a visit to Ernst Zundel.  Paul Eisen talks about “Jewish Power”. There is an article about “The Jewish declaration of war on Nazi Germany”

Consider Eisen.

It includes at the end:
Shamir took me to task, “Eisen is too optimistic”, he said, “Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews… …the world is.””

(Shamir is another contributor to the book Green edited). Eisen is unsure whether Shamir is right.

Actually, I’ve found the jewish war on Nazi germany

The Nazis, you see, were defending themselves from Jews.

In short, mild research shows that you have probably published an article by a holocaust denier and anti-semite to boot. Did you think it unimportant to find out? Or is this the sort of dissidence you admire?

I should like it if this entire email had been polite and restrained. But I am quite furious. Fuck you all.

The following might also be of interest. I forwarded this email to As’ad AbuKhalil (who has the Angry Arab blog), which cited from an article posted on Dissident Voice. He wrote the following:

I dont write there and I have once noticed an anti semitic article and said so on my site (I criticized the author).  Of course, not all those who writer there are.  The one I mentioned in my link is certainly not. Personally, I would never write there

Who was he talking about?

Friends we don’t need

There are anti-Semities who intrude on the pro-Palestinian advocacy movement, and they attempt (wittingly or unwittingly) to contaminate it. One Gilad Atzmon is one of those classical anti-Semites. Anti-Semites are not friends of the Palestinian movement and they should be rejected from our midst. These are friends we can do without. The Palestinan people deserve better than those haters.

I requested AFP take down the Atzmon article. This request was declined.

AFP standing by Atzmon is appalling. It is also stupid. They will come to regret it. But their chance to reject it for principled reasons, I’m afraid to say, has passed.

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