Jewish News July 23 2010 – Dvir Abramovich comes out against a two state solution

Dvir Abramovich – you know, the guy who writes every few weeks about why jokes about the Holocaust should be banned – writes an article called “Facing up to the two-state ticking time bomb”. In it, he argues against a two-state solution. “The big question is whether this model can actually work.” After all, “A two-state model can only work if the other side doesn’t want to destroy you.” A full Palestinian state is “seen by many as a huge risk”, and “Others point out that it would leave the country too narrow to defend, just 15 kilometres from the border to Tel Aviv.” And defence experts point out the “acquifer thath (sic) gives Israel 40 per cent of its water.”

So obviously, Israel can’t end its apartheid rule, because then they wouldn’t have control over the Palestinian’s West Bank water. He concludes by writing that if a Palestinian state were established, “if rocket attacks or worse take place, it will be Israeli soldiers who will have to risk their lives to stop the attacks. No-one else.”

Oh, and Colin Rubenstein rejects Julie Szego’s very tepid comments on Beinart’s NYRB essay. He claims it is “absurd” to suggest “anti-democratic forces are in ascendancy in Israel”. Further, writes Rubenstein, “claims by left-wing Israelis that they are subject to “villification and harassment” are par for the course – this is what such groups everywhere tend to claim. The examples they cite are overwhelmingly simply trenchant critiques of their arguments and claims or external scrutiny of their activities, which is completely in keeping with democratic traditions”.

Remember – these guys claim to represent the Jewish community better than anyone when they write.


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