Israel destroys a Bedouin village

This is a terrible story. Israeli soldiers destroyed an entire Bedouin village in the Negev (ie, within Green Line Israel). That’s 200 to 300 people made homeless. And busloads of Jewish Israelis came to cheer the destruction. (according to Mondoweiss, dozens of leftists also came to resist non-violently the destruction, and were beaten for their efforts.)

Links here, here, and here.

Update: More testimony at Richard Silverstein’s blog. I’ve come to admire this fellow. He is a principled and well-informed supporter of Palestinian rights. Also, Neve Gordon at the Guardian.

2 Responses to “Israel destroys a Bedouin village”
  1. Thanks so much, Michael. I appreciate your compliment.

  2. Michael Brull says:

    No problem: it’s true.

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