Gaita’s book

I’ve skimmed some of it lightly. I’m already amazed at the warm reviews its gotten. Consider, for example, this passage (p 26, Gaita’s “Introductory Essay”) But whether Israel remains a Jewish state is surely for Israeli Jews and no one else to decide (assuming that events even allow such a decision). A few sentences earlier, … Continue reading

Australian Democracy; Jewish news

A brief guide to democracy in Australia. But the funds will be needed. Labor, the Coalition and the Greens spent more than $100 million at the 2007 election, according to Australian Electoral Commission figures compiled by Joo-Cheong Tham, a lecturer at Melbourne Law School, for his book Money and Politics. Third parties, mostly businesses and … Continue reading

Voting against the Intervention

Macklin’s lies about how Aboriginal people in the NT love the Intervention. Exposed again. The Minister for Central Australia, Karl Hampton, says the federal intervention contributed to a swing against Labor in the Northern Territory.

Bolt on the Greens and equal pay for women

Bolt Now Labor must do something similar with the Greens before this malignant party eats it alive. The Greens at their cuddliest represent a love of green spaces and a fear that life is too jam-packed with people, obligations, meanness, concrete and even foreigners. In many ways, it’s the One Nation of the middle class. … Continue reading

The election

Way too busy to write much about the election. But for my own sake, I thought I’d record some thoughts. Firstly, months ago, I thought the best outcome for an election would be Greens balance of power. This looks to be not only achievable, but pundits even consider it likely. This is an excellent prospect, … Continue reading

Because Bedouins aren’t Jewish

Haaretz: The unrecognized Bedouin village of Al-Arakib was demolished yesterday for the fourth time in three weeks. In late July, all of the village’s 40 homes were razed and hundreds of orchards were uprooted, in response to pressure from the Jewish National Fund to plant a new forest in the area. The residents, along with … Continue reading

Hass on Hamas

Hass has another go at Hamas. This time they suppressed a protest by PFLP. I wish I could expect a revival of the Palestinian left after Hamas. I can’t see it happening though. I wish the left supported secular radicals, rather than groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, the mujahideen and so on. Perhaps if al … Continue reading

Conspiracy against Palestine

There are reportedly to be direct talks between Netanyahu and Fayyad. According to the senior Israeli official, the ceremony would be held in Egypt under the auspices of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; the United States would be represented by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Over the weekend international leaders pressured Abbas to announce this week … Continue reading

Stingy Australia

With the enormity of the tragedy in Pakistan, it’s worth pointing out how stingy Australia’s response is. Australia: $9m plus $30m pledged; two C-17 freight aircraft. UPDATE I’ve figured it out. Zardari should ridicule those who claim there’s a humanitarian crisis in Pakistan. He should then produce the smoking gun – a photo of a … Continue reading

Jews shifting left

Larry Stillman has another good article at Galus. And it’s good of them to run it. In the Jewish News (13/08/2010) (I can no longer be bothered writing up each week), Liam Getreu – head of AUJS – says the “primary impediments” to peace is “Hamas hatred and extremism, Fatah ambivalence and corruption, and Israeli … Continue reading