A good boycott; Shimon Peres

I should’ve written about it earlier but have been busy. The Jewish News (30/07/2010) has a front page story about the National Council of Churches in Australia, which passed a resolution saying NCCA will advocate and act for the end of the occupation, and will call on member churches and the rest of Australia to “consider a boycott of goods produced by Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

This is the kind of thing I advocated in my Overland essay. This is a tremendous step forward, and a major achievement and should be commended. If I had more time I would (I still might actually) write in praise of the decision at more length elsewhere. ECAJ has issued ridiculous attacks. But there’s nothing they can say substantively, without supporting the settlements. We should perhaps be glad they haven’t yet used the anti-Semitism slur.

Also, I just wanted to comment on Shimon Peres. He explained in an interview with Benny Morris (increasingly a court historian) that the Brits are criticising the Israeli government because of anti-Semitism. They’ve been anti-Israel forever.

Peres’s Nobel Peace Prize makes about as much sense as Kissinger’s.


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