This is really ridiculous.

All my associations of Judt are to do with the Israel-Palestine question, and that will be his legacy as much as anything else he wrote, maybe more. He outstripped Chomsky as a world intellectual because he was more reflective than Chomsky, likely more self-absorbed, and so was capable of interrogating his Jewish identity;

His independence and self-awareness were thrilling. Only a majestic independent thinker could have written the most staggering, or second-most-staggering, piece on Israel/Palestine in the last ten years, Judt’s great essay on the Jewish state as an anachronism in the New York Review of Books in 2003. …

I say the second-most because three years later Walt and Mearsheimer published their great piece in the London Review of Books, and Judt rose to the occasion.

I would be interested at this point to know if Phil Weiss has even read what Chomsky’s been writing since the 70s. Comparing Judt to Chomsky is a joke. Chomsky is undoubtedly one of the great intellectual activists of the 20th century. The only person I can think of one might compare him to is Bertrand Russell. Otherwise, there have been a handful (like Desmond Tutu) who command the same international respect and attention, and take consistently impressive moral stands. And neither Tutu nor Russell could compare to Chomsky’s political scholarship.

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