Flotilla sham inquiries

Yossi Sarid has written that the point of the Turkel Inquiry is to blame the IDF.

It is also clear now why IDF commanders and soldiers are not allowed to give their version of events to the committee. First they duped us into believing that the leaders would protect them with leader-like chivalry. But now the picture is clearer: Netanyahu and Barak will point a finger at the army, while the army will be unable to respond and protect itself. Only the top soldier will have his say today, one against two, and try to extricate himself from the trap they set.

He thinks this is why the IDF isn’t allowed to testify. It’s unclear whether Ban Ki Moon has agreed to this too. Both processes are a joke. And why is there a need for a UN investigation of everything anyway? The UN already investigated the siege on Gaza, and found it a crime against humanity. It was on par with the massacre in Gaza – people should read the Goldstone Report.

One more thing

I just wanted to add – everything I said about Obama was true.


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