Jews shifting left

Larry Stillman has another good article at Galus. And it’s good of them to run it.

In the Jewish News (13/08/2010) (I can no longer be bothered writing up each week), Liam Getreu – head of AUJS – says the “primary impediments” to peace is “Hamas hatred and extremism, Fatah ambivalence and corruption, and Israeli occupation and trigger-happiness.”

Now obviously I disagree, and is even on the face of it absurd (how would Fatah corruption contribute to the lack of peace?), but note that he attempts to be even handed and share blame. In the Jewish News. And this is the head of AUJS. I think this is significant, because it shows the change in environment in the Jewish community and AUJS. Complete zealous fanaticism is no longer required in the “pro-Israel” group for youngsters. And it should be noted – Getreu is not trying to impress the general public by being neutral or even handed or whatever. He is writing to the Jewish community, as head of AUJS.


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