Conspiracy against Palestine

There are reportedly to be direct talks between Netanyahu and Fayyad.

According to the senior Israeli official, the ceremony would be held in Egypt under the auspices of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; the United States would be represented by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Over the weekend international leaders pressured Abbas to announce this week the resumption of direct negotiations.

Clinton, Mubarak, Netanyahu and Abbas. Note also how Fayyad has cancelled municipal elections in the West Bank. I think we should be unequivocal. Fayyad and Abbas have no legitimacy whatsoever. Abbas lost the last election, and after Hamas pre-empted Fatah’s coup, appointed Fayyad, who got something like 3% of the vote. Mubarak’s vicious dictatorship is about as supportive of Palestinian rights as the US. There will be no deal between Abbas and Israel, because the so-called peace process is not about that. And because Netanyahu has no plans on creating a Palestinian state. But even if a peace agreement were reached, it would be completely illegitimate. Israel negotiating with Abbas is like Hamas negotiating with Balad.


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