Bolt on the Greens and equal pay for women


Now Labor must do something similar with the Greens before this malignant party eats it alive.

The Greens at their cuddliest represent a love of green spaces and a fear that life is too jam-packed with people, obligations, meanness, concrete and even foreigners. In many ways, it’s the One Nation of the middle class.

All this can be tackled with better urban planning, slower immigration and meaningful acts of public kindness.

But then there’s the harder agenda of the ultra-Left Greens and anti-industrial zealots who demand the closure of coal-fired power stations, a crippling carbon tax and the scrapping of the Lucas Heights nuclear facility.

They’re the ones wanting more power for unions, a week’s extra holiday and shorter working hours, but also higher benefits, more pay for women and an extra $4 billion a year in aid.

Labor needs to marginalise such extremists and to woo the more reasonable before it loses even more of its power.


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