Benny Morris and Hitchens

This article is really quite hilarious. Here you have two anti-Muslim polemicists – though Hitchens is much less vulgar than Morris, who really, outside of the 1948 archives, is extremely ignorant – in debate, with Morris criticising Hitchens. Morris writes: In “Hitch-22” Hitchens approvingly cites (and expands ) a metaphor coined (I think ) by … Continue reading

Reading the HRC report on the Flotilla attack

I was looking for a link the other day and couldn’t find it. Well, it’s turned up now, and you can read it here. Just jotting notes as I read. Bold and underlined comments are my editorial intrusions. (Methodologically, from p 1 on summary) The fact-finding mission conducted interviews with more than 100 witnesses in … Continue reading

Kurds in Israeli media

From Haaretz: “What, is business everything? Everything? It is clear and natural to us that there should be relations between Israel and Turkey. Why not? But why should these relations come at our expense, at the expense of our lives? I wonder if Israelis are at all aware of the use that is made of … Continue reading

Villawood refugees

This is such a horrible story. But there is an exception – Sydney’s finest Meanwhile, a small group of activists have chained themselves to the front counter of the Sydney office of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Police said about nine activists, understood to be from the Anti-Deportation Alliance, entered the building at Railway … Continue reading

Defending the occupation: excellent NYRB article on Fayyad, Abbas and Dayton

From NYRB: This cooperation has reached unprecedented levels under the quiet direction of a three-star US Army general, Keith Dayton, who has been commanding a little-publicized American mission to build up Palestinian security forces in the West Bank.1Referred to by Hamas as “the Dayton forces,” the Palestinian security services are formally under the authority of … Continue reading

Shas religious leader finds an Arab he likes

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef thinks Mubarak is great: “we are very thankful to the honorable president”.

Gypsies; Haiti

Sarkozy is vile. The Independent has a go at him for his anti-Gypsy expulsions. And Johann Hari on Haiti. I’ve ordered the Hallward book, though in paperback I think it’ll only come out in like November.


Fatah’s repression doesn’t get any coverage in the Western media. Even the Goldstone Report didn’t help raise consciousness of its repression. Also, Gaza’s water supply. This is important. From B’Tselem. Posted in full. 23 August 2010: Water supplied in Gaza unfit for drinking; Israel prevents entry of materials needed to repair system Almost 95 percent … Continue reading

In praise of AJDS

I can only praise AJDS. I think it has done well, and has adopted a very honourable and principled position. It has come out swinging in defence of its targetted boycott. We can only cheer. Here, they write: “The AJDS has decided that it does not wish to give financial support to those who produce … Continue reading

The war was averted. For now

From the Wall Street Journal: The initial reaction of senior Israeli military figures to the sniper attack was to urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak to implement contingency plans to bomb Lebanese Army camps, Hezbollah strongholds and Beirut’s power stations. But rapid diplomatic intervention by the United States and France prevented … Continue reading