Benny Morris and Hitchens

This article is really quite hilarious. Here you have two anti-Muslim polemicists – though Hitchens is much less vulgar than Morris, who really, outside of the 1948 archives, is extremely ignorant – in debate, with Morris criticising Hitchens.

Morris writes:

In “Hitch-22” Hitchens approvingly cites (and expands ) a metaphor coined (I think ) by Jeffrey Goldberg, a correspondent for The Atlantic: A man (the Zionist Jew ), to save himself, leaps from a burning building (anti-Semitic and Holocaust Europe ) and lands on an innocent bystander (a Palestinian ), crushing him. To which Hitchens adds – and the falling man lands on the Palestinian again and again (the conquest of the West Bank and Gaza, the suppression of the intifadas, the construction of settlements in the territories, etc. ).

It was, of course, Isaac Deutscher. But what can you expect from Morris. His article is basically along the lines of: Hitchens doesn’t like the Arab world, but is soft on the Palestinians. How dare Hitchens be less racist than Morris.

3 Responses to “Benny Morris and Hitchens”
  1. Max says:

    Hi.. enjoying this blog.
    Can you back up the claim that Hitchens is racist against Muslims with any evidence? I have read much of Hitchens in which he criticises the practices of religion, including the Muslim religion, but this must be distinguished clearly from an idea of racism against Muslims as individuals. My understanding is that Hitchens has Muslim friends and does not bear any sort of general prejudice towards Islamic people in way that might be properly framed as ‘racist’ or ‘anti-muslim’ in the sense you mean it.

  2. Michael says:

    I didn’t say Hitchens is racist. I said he’s an anti-Muslim polemicist. Which he is. At the end I was mocking Morris’s perspective.

    • Max says:

      Ok.. well I guess in the same way he could be described as an anti-Jewish polemicist, or an anti-Catholic polemicist. Maybe calling him an anti-religion polemicist would be less misleading.

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