Colin Rubenstein responds to me

At ABC Drum, Rubenstein of AIJAC responds to my article. I think most people wouldn’t be interested in the squabble between me and him. As it happens, he ignores the vast majority of what I wrote, and instead restricts himself to two points. Firstly, that the loyalty oath I mention in my article isn’t quite … Continue reading

Cops and Aboriginal people: tasered 13 times, no charges

Police taser an unarmed Aboriginal man 13 times whilst he’s in custody. There’s about 8 cops around him at one point. They aren’t charged with anything. Video at ABC shows what happened

Good article in the Guardian about the murder of Ryder

At least some people somewhere care – god knows the Australian media hasn’t found this interesting enough to deal with (with a partial exception, the lousy four corners report which didn’t discuss the judgment at all). The Guardian has a very long article about the Ryder case and Alice Springs. It’s a very good article. … Continue reading

Alan Howe

Alan Howe writes that “some” Palestinians should perish from the earth. Can he ever go too far? I’ll reprint in full his article Stone Age Ambitions, as it’s not available on their site. Stone-age ambition Alan Howe 725 words 20 July 2009 Herald-SunTHE people of Gaza are set to be the first to bomb themselves … Continue reading

Ecuador and Valenti

There is very little coverage of it so far, but it appears there was something like an attempted coup in Ecuador, which failed. We’ll see what happens next. UPDATE best comment so far by Mark Weisbrot, who was also very good on the coup in Honduras. Also, I just wanted to add – this is … Continue reading