Jewish News – Feb 18 2011

The front page of the Jewish News has a big quote “Laughing stock of the world” – Marickville councillor slamming Marickville joining BDS. Page three he’s quoted at length – explaining also that “No Palestinians have asked for this.” As is well known, no Palestinians support BDS. Maybe this is becoming a new propaganda line … Continue reading

Australian Jewish News Feb 11 2011

The publisher of the AJN, Robert Magid, has an op ed, with the headline “Just how democratic is the Egyptian uprising?” As a demonstration of how knowledgeable he is, he says “However, here not one flag was burnt, not an anti-American peep out of the crowd.” (comparing it to rallies with “Down, down USA” chants … Continue reading

Australian Jewish News on Egypt hilarious

The editorial in today’s (Feb 4 2011) Australian Jewish News is amazing.  It explains “even the most benevolent autocrat is still an autocrat”. Obviously, Mubarak is benevolent because he’s pro-Israel. They acknowledge “graft and corruption”, and the “dismal poverty in which most Egyptians live” (they don’t mention torture of course – which would be hypocritical … Continue reading