Australian Jewish News on Egypt hilarious

The editorial in today’s (Feb 4 2011) Australian Jewish News is amazing.  It explains “even the most benevolent autocrat is still an autocrat”. Obviously, Mubarak is benevolent because he’s pro-Israel. They acknowledge “graft and corruption”, and the “dismal poverty in which most Egyptians live” (they don’t mention torture of course – which would be hypocritical anyway, because Israel tortures almost as systematically as Egypt does).

It goes on: “The situation in Egypt poses a dilemma for Israel and its supporters, who personally champion human rights and yet find it problematic to join in the multinational Mubarak-bashing conga line when he has been one of their most reliable neighbours and facilitators of regional peace talks.”

It explains further: “Mubarak’s Egypt has been Israel’s most important and reliable regional ally in its ampaign to isolate Iran regionally and militant Islamic extremists locally.” These idiots even say peace pact could fail if the Muslmi Brotherhood emerges with influence – because they don’t realise that all parties are extremely critical of Egypt’s collaboration with Israel. They also don’t realise that Netanyahu is reluctant to openly support Mubarak because that weakens Mubarak in the Arab world.

It explains that “Jerusalem’s interests, as Netanyahu said this week, if for continued stability in Cairo.”

So basically, the oppression of 80 million Egyptians doesn’t matter, because it’s good for the Jews.

Oh and there’s an op ed by Jaimi Primrose-Levi, who has some sort of unexplained involvement with an Israeli settlement group called Keep Jerusalem. Guess what her column advocates.

2 Responses to “Australian Jewish News on Egypt hilarious”
  1. larry stillman says:

    I couldn’t agree more…I was amazed..but it’s still the cold war.

  2. Jaques says:

    It’s hard to fault much of the observation.Mubarek represented an anti-arab iron fist which made life tough for Palestinians. He feathered his nest in utter corruption as the Israelis wuld have known in detail. have no doubt Mossad knows where all his ill gotten gains are lying.Blackmail and assassination are its stock-in-trade.

    Re”So basically, the oppression of 80 million Egyptians doesn’t matter, because it’s good for the Jews.”

    I am just going to extrapolate this whole “good for the jews” idea and at the outset, to me zionists and jews are two different cultures and scores of thousands of Jews in Israel agree. By and large Jews are little different from any self interested religion other than admiring success perhaps more intensly but zionism is a curse on mankind. The real story of Israel is not the one the Western fairy tale tells us but I will leave that alone.Zionists are a power group with an agenda. That agenda cares for no person who is not zionist or who is in the way. It in its daily life has consistently behaved as the gestapo of the Reich, which were so involved in the creating of Israel.

    One can be anticatholic, antippope, call all priests pedophiles and nuns “sluts” serving priests orbe as anti Arab as you like with impunity but if you have any adverse opinion of what is called and aboriginie or a jew then you are lower than a snake.It’s a sick culture. No one shoud be unfairly accused but many have an attiude which attracts criticisms..what’s a jew?…what’s an aboriginie?….Whilst terribly wrong and self demeaning to characterise a jewish person,there is a culture which is very irritating to a lot of people.That is not antisemitic (arabs are semites)

    It wasn’t the so said crucifixion which made then so often a target, it was an attitude among some which dragged even the most innocent into the too often used generalisation when one doesn’t know every deviate by name…Bush in Iraq for one, we know of Claridge in Latin America few do , Kissinger few do, Rice, Rumsfelt are better known ….but clearly we should not condemn all Americans but those who supported Bush deserve criticism..including Gillard and Rudd,Howes and Danby, Howard and Costello, Beazley,etc).

    The AJN and the Zionist powerbreakers had the gall to slag off Julia Irwin for not attending their so called “independance” celebrations..she became an anti semite on the spot….her very moderate views were not canvassed, she was hitlerised. Democracy (whatever that really is) might ask tolerance of ordinary people but why should we be expected to allow self interested groups whose main game is with an overseas nation slag off a politician here because she didn’t come running to their party. She had other things to do, we all do.

    I wouldn’t dream of criticising jewish person over that but a supportive zionist would be told in very certain terms that this is not, for us, an Israeli colony nor a US colony and we are not here to please the zionist powerbrokers and arab hating person of any persuasion. For me the AJN is a sickeningly bigotted and infantile news sheet, utterly pro-Israel and very condemning of exploratory jews.

    The article some months ago probably archived nowgloating over a win when jews crossing the roads against the lights owing to some celebration which gave them overpowring rights saw not only the police criticised and the Jews allowed to continue to brea our laws…but they were given a donation by the council of a couple of thousand dollars.

    That’s one of those “we are special, we are the chosen” claims which when put into action, irritate some non jews.

    The accusations should be levelled against the cult of zionism, not against everyday jewish people and one should use the term “zionist” not “jew” when criticising Israel’s atrocities and foreign policy.

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