Jewish News – Feb 18 2011

The front page of the Jewish News has a big quote “Laughing stock of the world” – Marickville councillor slamming Marickville joining BDS. Page three he’s quoted at length – explaining also that “No Palestinians have asked for this.” As is well known, no Palestinians support BDS. Maybe this is becoming a new propaganda line – no Arabs (including the Palestinians) think Israel treats Palestinians badly – just delusional privileged westerners.

The editorial: “For the record, Israeli leaders never took a stand for or against the uprising, which drew the ire of the self-righteous  and led one prominent Middle East analyst to accuse Israel of tacitly siding with “the pharoah”.”

Like when Israel urged the world to stop criticising Mubarak?

the Foreign Ministry issued a directive to around a dozen key embassies in the United States, Canada, China, Russia and several European countries. The ambassadors were told to stress to their host countries the importance of Egypt’s stability. In a special cable, they were told to get this word out as soon as possible.

Or President Shimon Peres explaining that “We always have had and will have great respect for President Mubarak”? Or Israel quietly lobbying the US not to support the protesters but to back the regime?

On Wednesday, Israel’s defense minister, Ehud Barak, is to meet with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in Washington. The meeting, which Israeli officials said came at Mr. Barak’s request, will be the first face-to-face contact between top Israeli and American officials since the Egyptian uprising began.

Israeli officials, who have long viewed Mr. Mubarak and Mr. Suleiman as stabilizing influences in a dangerous region, have made clear to the administration that they support evolution rather than revolution in Egypt. They believe it is important to make changes within the system rather than change the system first and hope stability can be maintained, a senior Israeli official said.

But let us return to the AJN editorial

All grandstanding and pundit pontifications aside, as Egypt’s neighbour and peace partner, the Israeli government was absolutely correct to recuse itself from public debate. For what if, for argument’s sake, Israel had openly backed the uprising? If it had ebbed or been put down, where would that have left Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu?

You get an idea of the mindset of these people by reading op eds. eg, Naomi Levin says “inexplicably”, Rudd called for Israel to open its (“suspected”) nuclear arsenal to foreign inspections. However, Rudd, “recognising” this was not “shrewd” recanted. Because of Israel’s “unique security circumstances”. Yeah, that’s plausible.


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