The ADC takes on anti-Muslim prejudice

The allegedly Anti-Defamation Commission has taken time off from its busy schedule of fanatical support for the Israeli government to get involved in opposing an anti-Muslim campaign. The Age wrote about it here. They note the piece on Galus Australis. I was not very impressed by it. In the article against intolerance, it wrote

I don’t know the Muslims who want to use the Alma Road Community House for their prayers. I have no reason to believe they are terrorists, any more than I have reason to expect that the applicants to run the next Italian restaurant will be using it as a mafia hideout or that the local Catholic school is sheltering a paedophile priest.

It’s true the Muslim community contains a small section that support fundamentalism, and an even smaller group of potential terrorists. It’s also true that there are bubbles of underworld activity and paedophilia and other terrible crimes within certain groups for complex historical and sociological reasons. (Emphasis added)

It’s not that all Muslims are terrorists. But we shouldn’t forget that some are. I mean, imagine if someone wrote that it’s not that all Jews are greedy and commit white collar crime and are prone to things like usury. But there is a small minority which we should acknowledge.

And then to demonstrate how knowledgeable the head of ADC (the head!) is, she writes:

But some of their claims are far more damaging. They claim Muslim prayer is racist and rejecting of other religions, that Islam is separatist and proselytising and that prayer gatherings may encourage violence. They tar the group with associations with extremists and imply that because they are Muslims they want sharia law.

Note firstly – she doesn’t reject most of this, after dismissing the “farcical” objections. Secondly, why would being proselytising be a “damaging” claim? Are you afraid of the spread of Islam, o executive director of the Anti-Defamation Commission? Thirdly, it is clear from this that Ms Stone knows nothing about Islam and doesn’t know any Muslims. Note how she implies that it would be a bad thing for Muslims to want “sharia law”. Firstly, anyone who says sharia law shows they don’t know what they’re talking about and get their talking points from someone like Bill O’Reilly. Sharia law is like saying ATM machine. Secondly, sharia is the religious law of Islam. It does not mean imposing it through the state on citizens, anymore than a Jewish person following halacha wants it to be imposed on everyone else through the state. Saying only fringe extremist Muslims want “sharia law” is like saying only fringe extremist Jews want halachic law. Actually, that’s probably closer to the truth, because most Jews ignore the requirements of orthodox Judaism.

Note also towards the end:

“We also understand that when all Muslims are treated as extremists, some are more likely to become extremists. Muslim moderates need the support of other faith groups…” A “moderate” Muslim is presumably one who doesn’t criticise Israel. Note also the connotations of being “moderate”, according to how well they conform to her values. No one would ever talk about “moderate” Jews – the ones who aren’t awful. I mean, we’re supposed to be impressed at this display of open mindedness and principled opposition to prejudice. Really. Just spare me.


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