Jewish News April 29 2011

In Shmooze, Adam Kamien writes “Every Jew has a friend who suffers from DIPP, or Delusional Imminent Persecution Paranoia. They are the ones often heard likening the suburbs to prewar Poland because their morning paper was thrown in the sprinkler, or accusing their waiter of being an anti-Semite because their Nicoise salad had olives in … Continue reading

Goldstone’s pro-Israel bias

Richard Goldstone’s recent op ed  in the Washington Post has caused a flood of discussion of what we call the Goldstone Report. In considered the Goldstone Report and its current fallout, I think there are three issues which are worth considering. In this article, I will address the bias of Goldstone and the report. In … Continue reading

Guy Rundle exposes travesty of Australian reporting on Larissa

Excellent article by Guy Rundle exposing the nature of the reporting on Larissa. MUST READ. Rundle: anatomy of a Larissa Behrendt beat-up by Guy Rundle What do you do if you’re on a roll with a major beat-up, and you don’t have a full story? Run it anyway, and let the headline do the work. Thus … Continue reading

Very important and revealing wikileaks: Israel and Gaza

Ok, so nothing in it is new really (I think any intelligent person shouldn’t be surprised by Wikileaks, because they should know roughly how governments really think and act, however much they lie in public). But I think this really vindicates a lot of what I’ve said, and is really very useful in sketching out … Continue reading

Jewish News vs Goldstone

The headline (April 8 2011) screams ‘Mea culpa’ with a pic of him. The subtitle is “Eighteen months after slating Israel in his infamous report to the United Nations, Richard Goldstone has admitted that many of his allegations were simply wrong”. I guess it didn’t want to let facts interfere with reality on this one. … Continue reading

Pilger on Libya

If this is accurate, and I hope it’s not, its idiotic. The US and its allies are not involved to free Libya from dictatorship but to secure their strategic interests in the area, Pilger said. “This isn’t really about Libya … it’s about the US,” he said. “If Libya grew carrots there would be no … Continue reading