Pilger on Libya

If this is accurate, and I hope it’s not, its idiotic.

The US and its allies are not involved to free Libya from dictatorship but to secure their strategic interests in the area, Pilger said.

“This isn’t really about Libya … it’s about the US,” he said.

“If Libya grew carrots there would be no no-fly zone. Libya has oil (and is) a strategic part of the world and is independent … and that is the reason Libya is being attacked.”

Independent? Qaddafi? Are you kidding me?

One Response to “Pilger on Libya”
  1. Budovski says:

    By revering to Libya as ‘independent’ I can only assume he is alluding to Gaddafi’s stance internationally and support of non-aligned nations. After seeing the events in Bahrain and the Ivory Coast you have to be fairly skeptical of the wests interests in Libya.

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