Very important and revealing wikileaks: Israel and Gaza

Ok, so nothing in it is new really (I think any intelligent person shouldn’t be surprised by Wikileaks, because they should know roughly how governments really think and act, however much they lie in public). But I think this really vindicates a lot of what I’ve said, and is really very useful in sketching out the state of play today.

For example, in 2008 Shin Bet security services head Yuval Diskin was reluctant to agree to the American request that PA forces trained by the United States be allowed flak jackets, armored vehicles and additional weapons.

“There are too many weapons in the West Bank,” Diskin said.

A statement made by former GOC Southern Command Yoav Galant almost a year after Operation Cast Lead ended reflects Israel’s inability to formulate a consistent, clear approach to both Gaza and Hamas.

On November 11, 2009 the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv reported to Washington that “Israelis are enjoying the best security situation since the outbreak of the second intifada [in 2000], the result of Israeli intelligence successes in destroying the suicide bombing network in the West Bank as well as good security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority’s security forces.” [ed – note how Dahlan et al have provided security for Israeli civilians. And of course they get nothing for it except personal privilege etc in relation to other Palestinians]

“The IDF general responsible for Gaza and southern Israel, Major General Yoav Galant, recently commented to us that Israel’s political leadership has not yet made the necessary policy choices among competing priorities,” the telegram says.

In the short term, Galant said, Israel wants Hamas to be strong enough to enforce the de facto ceasefire between the two sides and prevent the firing of rockets and mortars into Israel. [ed – note the admission here. Hamas has taken on the role of Fatah in the West Bank, enforcing Israel’s security for it. In exchange for nothing mind you]

In the medium term, Israel wants to prevent Hamas from consolidating its hold on Gaza. In the long term, however, Israel wants to avoid having to reoccupy Gaza and assume responsibility for the welfare of its population, Galant told the Americans. [ed – exactly as we’ve said and written.]

In talks with U.S. defense and intelligence officials in November 2009, IDF officers praised the Egyptians for arresting a number of smugglers and estimated the Egyptians had blown up between 20 and 40 smuggling tunnels along the border. [ed – Do you see why Israel mourns for Mubarak?]

One of the American officials present, Tom Goldberger ‏(posted Friday in the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv‏), said he had figures indicating the Egyptians had blown up some 200 tunnels. He then asked Israel to allow more merchandise and products into Gaza, in view of the population’s dire situation. [note how complicit the US is – it knows exactly what is being done, but is not willing to exert any pressure at all]

“There are no restrictions on civilian goods,” retorted Amos Gilad, who heads the Defense Ministry’s diplomatic security bureau.

“Israel appears determined to maintain its current policy of allowing only humanitarian supplies and limited commercial goods into Gaza, while sealing the borders into Israel,” the telegram reads.

And this one’s just funny. Dahlan – Israel’s favourite Palestinian is apparently crazy. Note also the King of Jordan supporting Dahlan.


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