Jewish News April 29 2011

In Shmooze, Adam Kamien writes “Every Jew has a friend who suffers from DIPP, or Delusional Imminent Persecution Paranoia. They are the ones often heard likening the suburbs to prewar Poland because their morning paper was thrown in the sprinkler, or accusing their waiter of being an anti-Semite because their Nicoise salad had olives in it when they specifically asked for them on the side”.

Note how this kind of comment is allowed in the Jewish News. Elsewhere it would probably be considered irrefutable proof of anti-Semitism, and treacherous insensitivity to the Holocaust.

One Response to “Jewish News April 29 2011”
  1. william says:

    I would like to hear a jewish persons feelings on the google site… ATROCITIES GRAPHIC PICTURES THE WE NEWS ARCHIVES..Take your time read the pages, check out the links. Then come back and tell me what you think?

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