The Gaza blockade before the Gaza invasion

I wrote about a wikileak on Gaza here. The cables said

Israel told U.S. officials in 2008 it would keep Gaza’s economy “on the brink of collapse” while avoiding a humanitarian crisis, according to U.S. diplomatic cables published by a Norwegian daily on Wednesday.

“As part of their overall embargo plan against Gaza, Israeli officials have confirmed to (U.S. embassy economic officers) on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse without quite pushing it over the edge,” one of the cables read.

Israel wanted the coastal territory’s economy “functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis”, according to the Nov. 3, 2008 cable.

I missed something there when I wrote about it. That cable dates from November 3 2008. For those who don’t realise the significance, the next day, Israel attacked Gaza, triggering retaliation that broke a ceasefire that had been holding since June. Israel proceeded to invade Gaza in December. One of the conditions of the ceasefire was that Israel lessen the blockade. This constitutes even more smoking gun evidence that Israel knew it was breaching its commitments.

I mean, for anyone who cares about the massacre on Gaza, and the easily demonstrable fact that it was an act of aggression.


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