To my loyal Jewish readers

So apparently some NIF Jews read my blog, so I thought I might as well address myself to you. I think it’s ridiculous you haven’t spoken out on the bans at Limmud Oz. I have been informed that “ACRI is NIF’s flagship grantee and has received millions dollars of funding from NIF over many years”. Consult my blog on Overland about Limmud Oz to see what ACRI has to say about bans on BDS advocates in Israel. Apparently, NIFA doesn’t share the view of the Israeli NIF that toleration should be extended to BDS advocates. Anyway, I’ll issue two challenges to NIFA. 1) Speak out on the bans. 2) speak out on the blockade of Gaza. If you do, I will shower you with praise, and you will gain credibility in the broader community.

on 2) – virtually every human rights organisation – Israeli, Palestinian and international – has written about the appalling consequences of the siege on Gaza. This is a very important point, a great many lives are at stake.  Today the AJN editorial again praised the blockade (“Egypt’s four-year, closed border policy implemented follwing Hamas’s hostile takeover of Gaza was based on genuine security concerns”). It also lied about the blockade (“with the opening of the Rafah crossing, the argument that Gazans lack access to the outside world simply can no longer be made”). In fact, the blockade continues – Rafah is purely a crossing for people, not goods, and even now the Egyptian military continues to restrict passage for Palestinian men within a certain age group. Anyway, this is done in our names, and until NIFA speaks out about it, whilst continuing to seek respectability with the organisations that support the siege on Gaza, I think it should rightly be considered as complicit. Basically, anything NIFA doesn’t speak out against it will help legitimise. I think there is no more important issue right now than the blockade, and I will wait (impatiently) to see NIFA’s stand on it.

Anyway, the final thing – Liam Getreu has another lousy op ed in the AJN today. Last time I praised his very tepid unorthodox stand it was considered proof of his evil, and he was denounced by Dvir Abramovich (who has argued against the creation of a Palestinian state). Anyway, this epitomises fake liberal Zionism, the shoot and cry syndrome:

We are also concerned about Israel’s future, because it is only so long that Israel can retain a positive image in a world where Palestinian self-determination is postponed and the occupation of the Palestinian territories continues.

Now by the standards of AJN, that’s progressive. But that epitomises fake Israeli liberalism – the let’s stop oppressing Palestinians because it causes anguish to the beautiful souls of Israeli torturers. Can you think of any other reasons why Palestinian self-determination might be granted? Is the only relevant question whether it’s good for the Jews?

He even calls Israel a “beacon of light in what is a dark and dangerous sea of equal parts despots and uncertainty.” in the previous paragraph. I mean, why not just quote earlier Zionists who called it an outpost of civilisation? Or that Israeli ambassador who called it something like an oasis of whiteness? He even talks about “peace-building through environmental cooperation with Palestinains and Jordanians”. You may not realise this, o learned youth advocate of NIF board, but Israel has a peace treaty with Jordan’s dictator. Perhaps you were concerned about the protests that threatened to overthrow the King, because Arab democracies would be prone to cancelling their peace treaties with Israel, notwithstanding Jews and Arabs planting trees together. I mean, I just think you have to be so ethnocentric and ignorant to describe this kind of thing as “peace-building”. In my opinion, the whole peace process is a process for Israel to colonise the West Bank (which was openly declared by Yitzhak Shamir, and quietly admitted by Bibi etc). If you want to build peace, why don’t you advocate for Israeli soldiers to stop torturing Palestinians and demolishing their homes? Why don’t you advocate an end to the blockade? Why don’t you advocate the removal of ALL the fucking checkpoints? Why don’t you advocate Israel conduct serious, INDEPENDENT investigations of its war crimes in Gaza? You know, I mean, this is considered a progressive standpoint by the standards of the mainstream Jewish organisations, but really, is basically the attitude of George Bush. Why do they hate us? It’s because of our freedoms. But if we plant trees and play socceer with them, they’ll come to love Israel and Zionism. To me, that’s what this fake liberal Zionism seems to ammount to. Getreu says this will breath new life into our community. In fact, until groups like this show some spine, they’re just going to continue the trend of the only Jews involved in the community being the type who read the Murdoch press and adopt the whole slew of right-wing ideology, whilst the liberal and left continues to abandon Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians.

One Response to “To my loyal Jewish readers”
  1. Moammar Mashni says:

    Congratulations Michael on cutting thru the BS.
    This is an outstanding summary of farce that is the peace process (all process and no peace) and the head-in-the-sand sycophants who support it.

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