Sara Roy’s encounters with the occupation

From her Edward Said memorial lecture. As I had tried to do with the Holocaust, I tried to remember my first real encounter with the occupation. One of the earliest was a scene I witnessed standing on a street with some Palestinian friends. An elderly man was walking along leading his donkey. A small child … Continue reading

Nick Dyrenfurth vs me

Brief summary: Dyrenfurth wrote an article attacking me, in response to criticisms I made of his article on Chomsky and his Sydney Peace Prize. Just as a reminder, Dyrenfurth was one of the signatories of a letter to Overland, complaining that it was publishing people critical of the Israeli government, singling me out for complaint. … Continue reading

Today’s Jewish News (July 8 2011)

So there’s a story about the picket at Max Brenner in Melbourne.  I don’t know why it’s making a big fuss about this, there have been protests in Sydney against Max Brenner (I haven’t attended any, but have been told of them). It quotes some Jewish guy on page 3 saying he was going to … Continue reading