Jewish News August 26 2001 review

Page two, we learn “These deplorable acts of violence have claimed innocent civilian lives, and undermine efforts towards peace and security in the region. They are indefensible,” acting Foreign Minister Craig Emerson said. He was just referring to the attack on south Israel – not Israel’s retaliation. The article sprinkles terrorist throughout (5). “The Australian Government stands with the people of Israel againast these brutal actions and calls for those responsible to be brought to justice.” It’s funny that that could be a criticism, considering that Israel’s idea of justice involves bombs, but maybe Australia supports bombing Palestinian Gaza as justice.

President of Zionist Federation of Australia Phillip Chester said “We send our condolences to the grieving families of those killed in recent attacks” – presumably, except for the Arabs. ECAJ’s new President Danny Lamm also said blah blah. He used to be head of ZCV. Check out this event by the way featuring Yisrael Beitenu’s Uzi Landau.

Community Briefing with Uzi Landau MK
“Israel Today: Issues and Challenges”
25 August @ 7.15pm, Caulfield Hebrew Congregation
ZCV,  ZFA,  JCCV, Friends of Likud & CHC

Yes, no loyalty no citizenship YB. Yes, this guy

National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau on Monday lashed out at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for a partial construction freeze in the West Bank, deeming the Palestinians “occupiers” and declaring any bounds on settlements a “violation of human rights.”

This bit is worth remembering – because it’s wrong, and they simply recycle Israeli propaganda

While the identities of the terrorist have not been officially exposed, the Israel [sic] has blamed the Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees.

Dr Lamm charged Hamas, which governs Gaza

Australia’s boycotting Durban III. The obvious reason we’re boycotting an anti-racism conference is because we are a racist country and we’d be blasted for the Intervention, which is being expanded across the country. There’s an article about a Max Brenner protest. Apparently it was packed during the protest. It doesn’t see the contradiction in quoting a Jewish pro-Israel protester who claims people couldn’t enter the store because of the protesters.

The editorial is pretty dreadful. It begins by talking about the “despicable terror attack” which “was carried out by the rejectionist Popular Resistance Committees.” It’s become quite plain that it wasn’t (PRC denied it, but it may even have been committed wholly by Egyptians for all we know at this point).

But then comes the values

Given that neither the Palestinian Authority (PA) nor its unity partner Hamas carried out the attacks, in theory the violence should not have much of a bearing on Palestinian aspirations for statehood. But it does.

Reprehensibly, the PA has thus far refused to condemn the atrocities. Hamas, meanwhile, has all but applauded them… Hamas cannot escape blame for attacks that originate from its territory.

They go on to explain that

It is inconceivable that the UN would convey the privileges of statehood to an entity that would fail to denounce terrorism carried out by members of its populace, let alone an entity that actively sponsors terrorism and habours those who perpetrate it…. Where the Palestinian leadership stands on terrorism – in word and deed – is a question that must be posed and credibly answered as a prerequisite to any other moves towards independence. … For the grave consequences of the creation of a Palestinian state that has not unequivocally rejected terrorism will extend far beyond Israel’s borders.

So AJN has come out against a Palestinian state. Good to know. Also – note the many many layers of brazen hypocrisy. Israel was founded by terrorists. I mean, that’s how it was founded – they perpetrated terrorism against Arabs and the British up to 47, which is how they got the UNGAR they wanted. That’s Irgun, LEHI, and Haganah. eg, the Haganah and Irgun bombed the King David Hotel. In the 30s and 40s, the Irgun and Lehi threw bombs in marketplaces etc, putting aside all their atrocities in the war from 1947-9. So maybe Israel shouldn’t exist, according to AJN’s logic.


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