Today’s Jewish News (September 2 2011)

So Liam Getreu (on the board of NIFA) writes in his column:

“When Amos Oz was in Australia a few weeks ago, he wisely commented, “We have to replace the cycle of bloodshed and violence and hatred with a peaceful coexistence.”” Wow. I’m so dazzled by this wisdom, that peace is better than war. He goes on to write rapturously of the AFL “Peace” team (with Israelis and Palestinians). He says “The Peace Team is an acknowledgement of a situation far from ideal, one in which two peoples share a common land and hope, but diverge on a solution and even an accepted path towards it.” This is a textbook example of how it’s used to whitewash the occupation.

Interestingly, he also wrote this:

However, without surprise, some anti-Israel activists [ed: note his glib use of this term] are scathing in their criticism. A common theme is that the Peace Team project gives the impression that Palestinians aren’t suffering under occupation and that life in the West Bank and Gaza are as normal as in Tel Aviv or Sydney. Of the oppression of the Palestinians I have no doubt[ed: then waffly stuff defending the peace team]

Firstly, note how he basically goes on to describe a situation as though both “share” a land, not that one lives under the occupation of another. Secondly – note how in the AJN he says the Palestinians suffer oppression. Again, this is not standard fare for the AJN. I don’t think he’s politically courageous. I predict next week angry letters, and then the next week he’ll apologise and say something spineless like “they suffer under oppression because they refuse to accept Israel’s generous offer/because they elected terrorists” or some such Hasbara nonsense. I hope I’m wrong, but again, at this point, it’s good he said that. Even if the column itself is (as I think I’ve just shown) a mash of inanity and inconsistency, and ignoring the occupation.


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