Liam Getreu in the Drum

I could call this the arrival of Amos Oz liberalism in Australia. Tepid, politically uncourageous, but a major shift to the Left for Australia’s articulate segment of establishment friendly Jews.  This is his op ed in the Drum. He criticises Newt Gingrich for saying the Palestinians are an “invented” people. But “it’s probably fair to … Continue reading

John Stuart Mill on Marriage

From his Subjection of Women. I think this is a beautiful quote. I also think it is worth bearing in mind, how his liberalism laid down principles that I think can be more broadly generalised (eg, in support of gay marriage). What marriage may be in the case of two persons of cultivated faculties, identical … Continue reading

Me vs the Intervention

So lately I’ve been waging my own mini-campaign against Jenny Macklin’s propaganda for the Intervention. First, there was this on her claims of independent proof of the benefits of the Intervention. I gave an interview on this article for NITV, available at youtube. I then wrote another Drum article, this time about her claim that … Continue reading