Some people think I’m unfairly critical of AUJS. I’m nothing if not fair, so I visited their website to see the kinds of things they’re saying lately.

Among the things you learn from their website:

Here, it says “Not many people know that under international law, Israel is entitled to occupy the territories that it took in self-defence in 1967 until a just and lasting peace is achieved.”

So Israel can occupy the Palestinian territories forever. On what terms should peace be reached? Well, if Israel is entitled to the land, then presumably Palestinians have no rights, and it is no concern that Palestinians under occupation have no rights.

On Jerusalem

One of the most burning questions of the conflict is “Who has the genuine claim to sovereignty over Jerusalem?” While the dispute goes on, here are the facts:

  • Jerusalem was founded by King David 3300 years ago and the Jews have lived there ever since.
  • Jerusalem is mentioned 600 times in the Torah and 140 times in the New Testament

Apparently, AUJS thinks that biblical claim – even in the New Testament! – entitles Israel to Jerusalem (presumably all of it).

Why are there Palestinian refugees “In 1948 Arab nations attacked Israel, starting a war that displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs.”

And amazingly:

Even if Palestinians were granted refugee status, the International Convention on the Status of Refugees declares that refugees are not to be returned to the country from which they fled. Instead, they are to be given sanctuary or refuge in the country to which they fled. Therefore, by definition, there is no such thing as the “Palestinian right of return” under international law.

Oh, and of course: “Anti-Zionism says that all people, but not Jews, are entitled to self-determination – this is inherently racist.” So anti-Zionists are all racist. Thanks AUJS.

And as if AUJS didn’t impress you enough already, consider this nugget:

Immediately following her establishment, Israel was attacked by her Arab neighbours, yet the fledgling state was able to fend off her enemies and win the War of Independence, with crucial territorial gains. Wars were again raged against Israel in 1956, 1967 and 1973, yet these attacks were all unsuccessful.

That is, AUJS thinks Israel was attacked in 1956.

2 Responses to “AUJS”
  1. Irene says:

    Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good arcteli.

  2. Mondom én, hogy lassan nekiállok a diétának én is! Ilyen kaják mellett. :)VizsgaidÅ‘szak ajjjj, nálam akkor a meki, csoki és energiaital volt mindig a menü. 🙂

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