I have a blog at Independent Australian Jewish Voices, and have written about various issues for newmatilda. My criticisms of the Israeli government have earned me harsh denunciations from the Israeli government lobbyists. The B’Nai Brith Anti-Defamation Commission and Michael Danby have both accused me of anti-Semitism. Danby has also said that I’m Antony Loewenstein’s “Sancho Panza” and the “poor man’s Loewenstein”. An AIJAC writer, upon discovering I disapprove of the West Bank settlements, concluded that I wished to see the West Bank “Judenrein”. Philip Mendes, upon hearing that I had given a speech on the topic of the “Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics”, and knowing nothing else, queried “whether or not it is connected to the Protocols of The Elders of Zion.”

Danby is correct about one thing. I am “completely outside the mainstream of the centre-left party in this country”. In this blog, I will continue to seek to focus on demonising and delegitimising governments which act in my name, with which our country is aligned, and so on. Other topics may well come up too.

13 Responses to “About”
  1. Hi Michael,

    Along with Antony L, Norman Finkelstein, Code Pink & Muzzlewatch, you are one of my permanent reference points for the on-going role of the Israel, the US & its client states, including Australia, in the obscene treatment of the Palestinians & the many decent Jews involved in this issue.

    I dedciate my small contribution to my late father in law, Arthur Zemski, a Polish Jew who emerged from Auschwitz as a 14 year old, and whose whole family perished in the Nazi genocide.

    Thank you

    Kevin Herbert

  2. Sean Kennedy says:

    Michael I have just read your opinion piece on the ABC website regarding the NT intervention.

    Im an Aboriginal man and resident of Darwin. I am very annoyed at your ideas about educating our children and it almost reads to me as though you are saying Aboriginal kids should be exempt from education, well just because they are Aboriginal kids.

    My parents saw that the only way for myself and my brothers and sisters to get ahead in life is to be articulate and educated citizens of Planet Earth, and not just kids running amok without future consumed by resentment and bitterness. Ive seen all too many of our people fall by the wayside because of attitudes like that. I reject it.

    Basically its people like you in your comfortable white Sydney suburbs who want to outdo your friends with your ‘compassion’ and misguided ‘support’ for Aboriginal people that are ensuring that nothing changes, and that future generations of our people will live on the margins of a society made to feel guilty by the likes of you.

    You might want Aboriginal people to stay quaint and primitive, it satisfies some part of your psyche. But believe me I will stand as a proud Aboriginal man and tell the likes of you we dont need your collectives and collective guilt/compassion. We just need to be treated like people.

    And for the record Bagot reserve and Ludmilla school are a five minute walk from each other smack bang in the middle of the Darwin suburbs. Neither are homelands. Please educate yourself with the basics before you talk like a self appointed expert.

  3. michaelbrull says:

    Hi Sean. That seems a creative response to my article. Jenny Macklin claimed that Indigenous communities wanted welfare to be cut to parents whose kids weren’t attending school. I argued that the evidence seems to suggest that is not what they said, and that they had different suggestions for how to get attendance rates up.

    I also noted Jenny Macklin’s hand-picked panel to review the Intervention thought it would be best if Aboriginal kids were taught in their first language (It said: “”Literacy in English must start with literacy in a child’s mother tongue. There is no contradiction between Aboriginal children retaining and transmitting the culture of their parents while gaining education that will broaden their choices in later life.”)

    From this, you think I’m insinuating “Aboriginal kids should be exempt from education, well just because they are Aboriginal kids”, and want “Aboriginal people to stay quaint and primitive”. Well, you’re entitled to your opinion.

  4. Sean Kennedy says:

    I refer you back to my last paragraph. I suggest you are talking out your bum.

    Go back to your happy little suburb and stop sticking your nose in where it doesnt belong.

    • Sean: it sounds as though a constructive discourse is beyond you.

      Michael’s response was measured & constructively addressed the points you’d made. However, you seem to be saying that becuase he has made a mistaken geographical data interpretation, then all he says is worthless.

      Once a person starts slipping down the ad hominem track, their credibility slips with them.

      • Sean Kennedy says:

        Thanks Kevin but Im tired of this ‘ad hominem’ retort. Brulls response addressed none of the points Id made. He just put everything in quotes and tried to feed it back to me.

        People like Michael talk in superficialities for a mass market thats far beyond comprehending the real situation that Aboriginal people face. We see them all the time. We are sick of them speaking on our behalf.

        Credibility rests with facts, not cherry picking quotes with only a surface level of understanding. To use a quote and take it far out of context to back up some flimsy point you are trying to make is the refuge of the intellectually flaccid.

        But then again I see a huge disconnect with what Brull knows and what he thinks he knows.

      • Amelia says:

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  5. Jock Webb says:

    I work in an environment where I live in a community and work in a school that has Aboriginal children 20 times their representation in the national population. That is I live the job, I don’t comment from a city somewhere. There are many Aboriginal youth in this community who will be jailed because they commit crimes which anyone would go to jail for. Some of them commit assaults and rob the elderly and vulnerable. Many do so while on bail. This is perhaps 10-15% of that group. This is much more than the equivalent white community. It is not the imprisonment, it is the crime rate that needs fixing. I will do whatever I can to lower this rate. Crime follows disadvantage like a hawk follows a sparrow. We must find a way to stop the young indigenous community from committing the crimes. Trying to help them avoid the consequence is unlikely to work. In fact what happens is nothing until they are older and then jail. It is the young ones who need targetting the 8-12s. I read your account of the appalling treatment if Marion Noble with sorrow. Where did the testimony come from. Did one of those girls tell a lie which could not be defended against. In NSW several young white teachers have suicided over such allegations. A child under 13 would never make it up…or would they. Your comments and your anti intervention stance (which in some ways I agree with) offer no solution to the big picture.

    • Tango says:

      Dont expect Brull to reply. He only acknowledges pandering sycophants with views that are closely aligned to his own. He has a very limited viewpoint.

  6. Abdul Rahman says:

    Hi Michael, this comment isn’t for publication, I just wanted to apologise for offending you on twitter. You blocked me recently and I assume it was because of some inappropriate jokes I made or perhaps some of the @mentions. I really enjoy reading your tweets and would live to be able to RT some of them again.

    Abdul Rahman

  7. Jeremy Rabie says:

    Excellent article on ISIL in NM today. At least a bit of real background to a situation hugely stimulated by the ‘west’. But better buckle in for bucket loads of bull dust to come from Field Marshal Abbott about why it’s our moral duty to save the people we were only recently complicit in their destruction.

  8. Kurt Momodt says:

    Gday Micheal.
    It was with great pleasure that I read your piece today in New Matilda. A correct appraisal as I have read from Robert Fisk and other journalist over the years but with an analysis of the possible conflagration the crazy Tump brings to the situation at the present moment.
    I am gladdened to know that an Australian is writing such work and is not aligned with a Trotskyist organization , please be aware I have no problems with a Marxist analysis but as it is so perverted by present day MSM it is little heard nor genuinely sound.
    I thank you again and intend to find more of your work.
    Kindest regards
    Kurt Momodt

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