Anti-Semitism in the Jewish News (Friday 13 Jan 2012)

Ok, so I think today’s issue of the AJN is pretty revealing, and probably a good demonstration of a reason why banning racist speech is problematic. I’m also reading an excellent book called Speaking of Race, Speaking of Sex. Henry Louis Gates Jr’s essay is brililant. Anyway, the front page of the AJN screams: Broken … Continue reading

Liam Getreu in the Drum

I could call this the arrival of Amos Oz liberalism in Australia. Tepid, politically uncourageous, but a major shift to the Left for Australia’s articulate segment of establishment friendly Jews.  This is his op ed in the Drum. He criticises Newt Gingrich for saying the Palestinians are an “invented” people. But “it’s probably fair to … Continue reading

John Stuart Mill on Marriage

From his Subjection of Women. I think this is a beautiful quote. I also think it is worth bearing in mind, how his liberalism laid down principles that I think can be more broadly generalised (eg, in support of gay marriage). What marriage may be in the case of two persons of cultivated faculties, identical … Continue reading

Me vs the Intervention

So lately I’ve been waging my own mini-campaign against Jenny Macklin’s propaganda for the Intervention. First, there was this on her claims of independent proof of the benefits of the Intervention. I gave an interview on this article for NITV, available at youtube. I then wrote another Drum article, this time about her claim that … Continue reading

My response to CIS criticisms; Elders on the Intervention

So Sara Hudson criticises me at the Drum today. I think it’s pretty insubstantial. Also note her tone Michael Brull in his 3,000 word diatribe… It is easy to throw stones but it is much harder to come up with solutions. Does Brull really think things would be better if the Government closed down the … Continue reading

My argument with This Blog Harms at Crikey

Ok, so there’s this guy at Crikey, NAJ Taylor, whose blog I don’t enjoy reading. He is, however, very gracious and gentlemanly in argument, which I should note to his favour. He has been far more polite than I have been. Nevertheless, I criticised his blog on twitter. It’s impossible to make a serious or … Continue reading

Israel’s very best friends (delayed post)

Israel’s very best friends Michael Brull   Israel may well consider itself blessed when it come to Australia’s media. They are such good “friends of Israel”, that sometimes their devotion to the Israeli government even outshines that of  Australia’s leading Jewish organisations, and on occasion even the Israeli government.   One of Israel’s newest friends … Continue reading

Occupy Melbourne vs the police

I think these are pretty terrible videos. Here, a policeman hits a man in the face. (they slow it down for you Watch this one from 0:37 to see a cop hit someone in the face. Another highlight is from around 1:37 for 10-15 seconds

The Jewish News: Stop Nazi comparisons, on APP supporting Max Brenner, and the best editorial it’s ever run (on the mosque burning)

Jewish News September 23 2011 The headline says “Strange bedellows”. It says “far-right fringe groups” are among those “standing up for Israel”. Page 3 quotes from Darrin Hodges seemingly interviewed for the article. The Australian Protection Party is described euphemistically: The APP believes in a zero-net immigration policy – one in, one out – with … Continue reading

Greens John Kaye and David Shoebridge in Parliament talking about Palestine

I thought it was a good read. I’d love to see it on youtube. I think it was good to read Shoebridge in particular speaking articulately against the occupation in concrete terms. Dr JOHN KAYE [11.58 a.m.]: I cannot support this motion and will be voting against it. This motion is a cheap attempt to … Continue reading