End the Siege on Gaza, Support the Gaza Freedom March Petition

I drafted a petition in support of the upcoming Gaza Freedom March, against the blockade on Gaza. At time of writing, it has thus far gathered about 100 signatories. These include me, Antony Loewenstein, Sara Dowse, Peter Slezak (the prominent IAJV members), Vivienne Porszolt (Jews Against the Occupation), Ned Curthoys and John Docker (the Commitee … Continue reading

Gaza; Copenhagen

Stephen Shalom writes about Gaza. Naomi Klein writes about protesters. Mark Steel writes about climate change too – this guy is seriously hilarious. It must drive you mad being a climatologist. You spend your life measuring carbon emissions, and monitoring glaciers and studying lumps of moss from Siberia, and then you hear someone on a … Continue reading

Tutu; Monbiot; Israel always the most moral army in the universe

Desmond Tutu. Avnery on Ruppin. Herzl was not the only one to imprint a Prussian-German pattern on the Zionist enterprise. In this he was overshadowed by Ruppin, who is known today to Israeli children mainly as a street name. But Ruppin had an immense impact on the Zionist enterprise, more than any other single person. … Continue reading

Australia is one of the bad guys

We’re trying to kill Kyoto. We don’t want rich countries to have to commit to reductions.


Rudd: Mr Rudd said he hoped Copenhagen would produce a ”binding operational agreement” which would then develop into a greenhouse gas-reduction treaty binding all nations. Australia would not commit to do any more or less than other nations. The 5 to 25 per cent target range for greenhouse gas reduction to which the Government was … Continue reading


My blood is still boiling about that story from the Independent: Egypt building a wall to help Israel crush Gaza, to stop tunnels from getting into and out of Gaza, and Hamas won’t criticise them for it. Let’s not mince words: this is treasonous to the Palestinians. When Mahmoud Abbas refused to try to press … Continue reading

Independent on Gaza

This is a long feature story. It shows why The Independent is one of the best corporate papers I know of. Macintyre notes the racist graffiti, he notes Israel breaking the ceasefire. He writes: “More than two weeks into the war, the Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni would boast in a radio interview that “Israel … Continue reading

Andrew Bolt should not be allowed to quote Bertrand Russell; Copenhagen

He does it here. He obviously knows nothing about Russell. If Russell were alive, he would be disgusted by Bolt, there’s no doubt about it at all. Copenhagen is continuing to fail because rich countries won’t make the needed cuts, reject reparations and so on. Now is the time for protest: but this really angered … Continue reading

Sensible Jew on Loewenstein and anti-Zionism

For all I know, Alex Fein may be a nice person personally. But I don’t share her politics, which she avoids, other than the most remarkable one liner ad hominems and so on. So, her considered view on Loewenstein: “someone who cannot master the most basic research skills, someone who writes very poorly, and someone … Continue reading

Copenhagen; Obama; Egypt

I wrote a post a few days ago which didn’t make it up. It was titled something like: “Copenhagen has already failed, time for protests”. The draft agreement has shown exactly what the rich countries have planned. Nothing has emerged to change my view. Hari’s latest expose says more than needs to be said. Also, … Continue reading