Right-wingers are allowed Nazi comparisons

At Quadrant. This site has documented numerous examples of the secular left squelching freedom of speech for anyone it deems to be politically incorrect. Indeed, whole books have been written on how the censorship and suppression of freedom occurs routinely in the Western world, especially in our universities. The intriguing thing of course is that … Continue reading

Arundhati Roy

Here. “We must all become internal security threats.”

Isn’t Israel generous?

Read this haaretz article. Israel will allow a shipment of clothes and shoes to be delivered to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip for the first time in its almost three-year-old tight blockade of the enclave, Palestinian officials said on Monday. Isn’t that kind? Allowing clothes and shoes into Gaza?

Tiresome propaganda

Reut institute on Naomi Klein. “Kleinism” represents a simplistic, artificial view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has led many who consider themselves human-rights activists to focus their criticism nearly exclusively on Israel. It brands Israel as the new apartheid state, so it can do no right and its adversaries no wrong. It frames Israel as … Continue reading

Tel Aviv propagandists should be worried

This kind of mainstream establishment figure criticisms of the Israeli government – and Ben Saul’s prescriptive demands for Australian foreign policy – really should set off alarms for the fanatical devotees of the Israeli government.

US-Israeli diplomacy

Whilst the media reports on diplomatic slights to Netanyahu by the Obama administration, Haaretz reports that the US is continuing to arm Israel. According to the deal, Israel will purchase three new Hercules C-130J airplanes. The deal for the three aircrafts, designed by Lockheed Martin, is worth roughly a quarter billion dollars. Each aircraft costs … Continue reading

I Agree with Sensible Jew on one Thing

She’s right about this: Robert Goot, meanwhile, was more forthcoming with his praise – perhaps because his organisation falsely claims to represent all Australian Jewry, as opposed to just Australian Zionists. Emphasis added.

Jewish News supports settlements in East Jerusalem

The editorial of today (March 26 AJN). They saythat Israel’s “government is beholden to the will of the Israeli people. … Before Netanyahu left for Washington, he was presented with a letter calling upon him to continue to build in Jewish neighbourhoods in all parts of Jerusalem. The letter, signed or supported by 78 Knesset … Continue reading

Angry Arab called Pro-Islamic

This is really an outrage. “The Home Office’s counter-terrorism communications unit has named its top 20 most influential “pro-Islamic” political bloggers…The top 20 list compiled as a “snapshot” in 2008 includes several based outside Britain but posting on UK politics in English. The top five sites listed are Ali Eteraz, Islam in Europe, the Angry … Continue reading

Racial Profiling in SMH

Because how else can crimes be solved? And what better way than to tell the public of what ethnicities they should be on their guard against? The women described the assailant as a thin man of Indian appearance, aged between 25 to 28, of average height, with black, short, unkempt hair, a wispy black beard … Continue reading