Paul Sheehan thinks the Sri Lankan asylum seekers should be sent back to Sri Lanka. At least he knows that he has been accused “of being a ”shameful” person, ”a nasty piece of work”, an ”ungrateful, unkind maggot”, because I recently wrote about refugee policy in a column that was described as ”bollocks”, ”biased”, ”poorly researched”, ”sensationalist drivel”, ”crap”, ”rubbish”, ”unworthy tabloid rubbish” and ”playing the race card”.”

The law responds to a Jewish terrorist:

August 1997 marked Teitel’s first run-in with the law, after he was arrested by the Shin Bet on suspicion of shooting Palestinian Isa Machmara, a Palestinian resident to death during a walk along the road near the settlement Carmel.

He said during his investigation that he came to Israel precisely to carry out attacks against Palestinians as revenge for suicide bombings.

In a conversation with Haaretz, Teitel’s former lawyer Baruch Ben Yosef, said “he was arrested and then shortly after he was released. He was the only one arrested in this case.”

His father Mark recalled that “he was in Israel, and he had some issue with the Shin Bet, but I’m not well-informed in the details as I was abroad at the time.”

Following his release, Tietler returned to the United States. Hebron case 97/1626 was subsequently closed after 6 years, due to lack of evidence.

That is, he was arrested for killing a Palestinian, admitted to it, and released anyway. His problem was his later, real crime: attacking a Jewish intellectual. Zeev Sternhell is prestigious enough for it to be a crime.

Grandin on Honduras. He appears quite optimistic.


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